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Has it happened that you can’t find vegan food to order at home? at Vitali Pizza we have the solution, vegan pizza home delivery ! At Vitali Pizza we have a special variety of vegan pizzas home delivery, so you can enjoy a delicious meal without meat. Our pizzas are made with a delicious artisanal dough that, with the ingredients you choose, will make your meal a unique gastronomic experience . And the best of all, from the comfort of your home!

The Best Vegan Pizza Home Delivery

We’ve been offering for many years the best vegan pizza service at home in Barcelone and we are committed to the environment and healthy food. Therefore, you can find a variety of fresh and carefully chosen ingredients in each of our vegan pizzas. At Vitali Pizza we offer you a perfect solution for ordering your vegan pizza at home, always providing the best service and the best quality Currently, we have two pizzerias and a large number of deliveries that they manage to deliver our delicious products to your home and/or work so you can enjoy them comfortably. Do you have a pizza craving? call us, ask for a delicious vegan pizza home delivery and in less than you think, a delivery will be knocking on the door.